Monday, 24 September 2007

Interview with Dr. Monty Jones about the FARA Staff blog

Dr. Jones comments on how this FARA Staff blog can be used as a forum:

(a) on how we exchange ideas and

(b) on how we promote relationships.

He admits blogs and wikis are realy new to him...

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Welcome to this informal FARA blog / Bienvenue sur ce site informel du personel du FARA

Purpose of this blog:

To play around with a Web2.0 tool among the FARA staff.

If everyone of us is trying to post something on this blog we will soon demystify what it is all about.

So why not start off having our pictures uploaded on this blog with our life motto (what life is all about for you or of working for FARA...).

Objectif de ce blog:

Permettre au personnel de FARA de se familiariser avec le Web2.0.

Chacun de nous est invite a telecharger ou envoyer des messages sur ce blog afin de démystifier rapidement ce mythe.

Alors, pourquoi ne pas commencer tout de suite a transferer des images sur ce blog avec votre devise de la vie (ou votre motivation professionelle au FARA...).