Wednesday, 17 August 2011

East African Organization Receives International Library Award For Creating Knowledge Centers in Rural Areas

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation presented on 17/08/2011 its 2011 Access to Learning Award to the Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN), which provides knowledge and information through a variety of innovative channels in remote communities throughout Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Members of these communities use the technology and other tools at ALIN’s Knowledge Centers to gain information to improve their health, increase their incomes, and better their lives. Microsoft, a partner of the foundation in its efforts to help public libraries connect people with relevant technology and skills, will provide ALIN with a donation of over US$270,000 worth of software and technology training curriculum to help the organization serve the local community.

The Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN) has created 12 Maarifa—or Knowledge—Centers in the most hard-to-reach regions of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania so that these people have the tools they need to improve their health, increase their incomes, and better their lives.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The fuel wood value chain and improved charcoal production

A documentary on the IFDC CATALIST/SEW project's modern charcoal production and agroforestry programs in Burundi, DRC and Rwanda. Run time: 40 minutes.

IFDC has released an educational and inspirational film, “Makala,” that illustrates improved charcoal production (carbonization) techniques that are more environmentally sustainable than traditional methods. “Charcoalers,” farmers and others involved in the fuel wood value chain are learning the improved techniques through training from IFDC’s CATALIST/SEW project. CATALIST/SEW is the “Sustainable Energy Production Through Woodlots and Agroforestry” project in the Albertine Rift of Central Africa’s Great Lakes Region. The 40-minute film will be used extensively in the CATALIST/SEW focus countries – Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – to promote both modern carbonization methods and agroforestry.

“The project brings a group of people together – men and women – for 12 days, at one place, and we give them practical training using participatory learning activities – learning by doing,” said Aimé Kikuru in the film. Kikuru is the CATALIST/SEW national value chain officer in DRC. “We have a goal of training 500 charcoalers. But we cannot train them all ourselves. That is why we developed our ‘peer-to-peer’ training program.”

ARD funding opportunities


Be Fair award
Belgian Technical Cooperation -- Fair Trade in Developing Countries. Belgium's BTC invites small-scale producers and micro-enterprises in developing countries to compete for the "Be Fair" award of €5 thousand. The award is to help promote fair trade in the domestic market, or in markets of other developing countries (South-South trade). BTC will consider projects to establish new fair trade activities, and to support existing programs. The application deadline is 13 August 2011.

Sustainable Energy Project Support (SEPS) 2011
WISIONS is an initiative of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, and Energy to promote practical and sustainable energy projects, with an emphasis on the developing world. The 2011 call for applications invites projects that aim to implement energy solutions for food processing -- including the reduction of post-harvest losses, the improvement of food storage, and other energy-related models for food processing. The total grant fund is €400 thousand to be divided among 8 to 10 projects. The submission deadline is 15 August 2011

Food Security in Zimbabwe
The European Commission invites proposals to address food insecurity in Zimbabwe in three thematic areas: (i) small-scale high value crops for international fair trade; (ii) wildlife and natural resources management; and (iii) intensive vegetable cash crops in peri-urban areas. The program is open to non-profit organizations that include NGOs, local authorities, and inter-governmental organizations. Reference EuropeAid/131700/L/ACT/ZW. The closing date for proposals is 23 August 2011.

The Efico Fund (Fonds Efico) makes grants for the sustainable improvement of poor populations which produce coffee and/or cocoa in developing countries. Projects are funded for one or more years up to a maximum of €20 thousand per year. Grants by the Efico Fund are administered through the King Baudouin Foundation, Belgium. The deadline for applications is 01 September 2011.

Global Poverty Action Fund
UK Department for International Development (DFID) invites proposals for the Impact Window of the Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF). The GPAF aims for poverty reduction consistent with the Millennium Development Goals, which include themes in agriculture and environment (among others). The current call of the Impact Window is open to nonprofit NGOs in the UK, and to locally registered civil society organizations in 27 developing countries (DFID's focus countries). Grants range from £250 thousand to a maximum of £4 million for projects up to three years. Matching funds of at least 25% are required. The closing date for applications is 19 September 2011

UK ESRC-DFID Joint Program for Research on International Development
The UK's Department for International Development (DFID) and the UK's Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) announce a third joint call for applications under Phase 2 of their partnership to fund development research. Thematic areas include "Resource Scarcity, Growth, and Poverty Reduction" (among others). Applications are invited for projects between £100 thousand to £500 thousand from UK and non-UK researchers. The closing date is 27 September 2011.

GlobE - Global Food Security
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany has started a new funding initiative within the “National Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030” framework programme, which identifies and works on research topics concerning worldwide food security. To ensure global food security it will be necessary to support the regions most concerned in the establishment of an efficient and sustainable agriculture. In particular regions of Africa are to be integrated as partners in research. To take into account regional demands, a joint analysis assessing the local situation together with all concerned partners is desired, calling for cooperative projects between German and African scientists and stakeholders. Deadline 4 October 2011. French + English

EC Erasmus Mundus/PhD Research in Agricultural Development at European Universities, Call 2011.
Six European universities collaborate to offer the program Agricultural Transformation by Innovation (AgTraIn). AgTraIn funds 3-year doctoral programs for study and research in themes of agricultural development, emphasizing the developing countries. Participants are from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The closing date for applications is 01 November 2011

FP7 KBBE 2012.
The European Commission invites research proposals in the theme of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology. All topics are open to third-country (non-EU) participation, including with International Cooperation Partner Countries. Cooperation with developing countries is foreseen for research on zoonotic diseases, biowaste, insect protein, global food safety, etc. (Identifier: FP7-KBBE-2012-6-singlestage.) The closing date for applications is 15 November 2011.

Africa specific slides, aim to provide researchers working in Africa with a brief overview of the content of the FP7 2012 work programme and the current calls, and highlight some specific topics which may be of particular interest.


Swiss university research cooperation
The Rectors Conference of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences (KHF) announces the 7th call for proposals to fund Swiss university research cooperation with developing and transition countries. Proposals are invited from Swiss universities of applied sciences and teacher education in collaboration with partners in developing countries. Past projects include several in areas such as environmental education, agricultural production, pollution control, supply of drinking water, aquaculture, and others. The deadline for proposals is 10 October 2011.

The European Commission invites research proposals in the theme of Environment (including Climate Change). The emphasis is on research to improve the protection and management of natural resources (land, water, air, and marine resources). All topics are open to third-country (non-EU) participation, including with International Cooperation Partner Countries. The closing date for applications is 15 November 2011

C L I M A T E   C H A N G E
The European Commission invites research proposals in the theme of Energy. Topics of relevance for developing countries include biofuels and biomass, solar energy, and carbon sequestration (among others). All topics are open to third-country (non-EU) participation, including with International Cooperation Partner Countries. The closing dates for applications are 25 October 2011 for Part 1, and 08 March 2012 for Part II.

GLOBMEK programme – a joint call with the India programme
Research Council of Norway -- GLOBMEK invites Norwegian scientists to cooperate with India and additional partners in the developing world to take a global approach in environment, energy, and climate research. Projects are up to NOK 4 million for up to three years. The deadline is 12 October 2011

Livelihoods Fund
The Danone corporation, an international producer and marketer of dairy and food products, has announced a partnership with other business organizations to launch the Livelihoods Fund. The objective of the Fund is to offer carbon offsets for large-scale projects in three thematic areas: (i) restoration and preservation of natural ecosystems; (ii) agroforestry and soil restoration; and (iii) rural energy projects that prevent deforestation. The Fund will have a website.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

FARA Weekly Update

1.      News and Events
b.      Third IAALD Africa Chapter Conference, 21 - 23 May 2012, Johannesburg, South Africa
2.      Opportunities
a.       PhD fellowship Opportunity,  deadline is 31st August 2011
i.                     Dissertation Proposal Fellowship
ii.                   Dissertation Research Fellowship  
iii.                  Dissertation Completion Fellowship  
c.       Vacancy: Gender Equality Expert

AfricaAdapt Innovation Fund 2011 - Deadline extended

The 3rd Edition of the AfricaAdapt Innovation Fund is already proving to be a great success!

Due to the requests for information and to allow those in areas challenged by poor telecommunications sufficient time to submit their proposals (this call specifically targeting Community Based Organizations – CBOs), we have extended the closing date to August 22nd, 2011.

For details, please see the call for applications and the application form.