Monday, 12 April 2010

SACAU 2010 policy conference

29-30 March 2010.  Gauteng, South Africa. The theme of the SACAU 2010 Policy Conference was around land issues in southern Africa as they impact on farming enterprises and the agricultural sector in general. The Conference was attended by participants from African Farmers’Organisations in Southern Africa and other regions in sub-Saharan Africa, other stakeholders in the agro-value chain, Regional Economic Communities (COMESA, SADC), the African Union Commission, research institutions, international development agencies and NGOs.

Presentations made at the Conference:
  1. PLAAS - ‘Land in Southern Africa – Key Issues for Farmers and Policy Options’
  2. Absa AgriBusiness – ‘Agricultural Finance and Land issues’
  3. Land Bank AERIS – ‘Land and Agri-Business’
  4. CIRAD/UP – ‘ Large Scale Land Acquisitions in Southern Africa : Analysis, Perspectives and Regulation’
  5. IFAD – 'Land Tenure Security and Agriculture in Africa : an IFAD perspective’
 Reference: SACAU 2010 Policy Conference Programme.