Tuesday, 2 November 2010


PAFFO Opening ceremony
26 TO 28 OCTOBER 2010. MALAWI. EAFF was mandated by the five (5) regional farmers’ networks (i.e. EAFF, SACAU, ROPPA, PROPAC and UMAGRI) to organize the PAN-AFRICA FARMERS FORUM GENERAL ASSEMBLY.

The Regional Farmers Networks of Africa  have gone through a lengthy process in the last 6 years focusing on agriculture and producer organizations. As an outcome of the process, the Networks put together two declarations i.e. February 2004 – the Pretoria declaration and on 21st May 2009 the Addis Ababa Pan-Africa Farmers Forum declaration.

PAFFO delegates
The Pretoria declaration defined the farmers’ vision on the type of Agriculture that is favorable to the family farmers i.e.

  • One that guarantees food, employment and revenue to the family farmers in a sustainable manner.
  • One that provides and adds value to products for industrial purpose.
  • One that generates solidarity and social security.
  • One that adds value to our traditional knowledge and experiences.
  • And one that ensures equitable access to productive resources and sustainable management of Natural Resources.

RFO partners
The Addis Ababa Pan-Africa Farmers Forum declaration. affirmed the total engagement of the The regional networks to establish a Pan African Forum for the farmers of Africa.

  • The process of establishing the Forum launched a steering committee of four (4) presidents of (EAFF, SACAU, ROPPA, and PROPAC). 
  • Mr. Mamadou Cissokho was nominated to facilitate the activities of the steering committee with clear terms of reference. 
  • The main tasks of the steering committee was to ensure that PAFFO governance documents, vision and mission statements were developed. 
  • The final activity of the steering committee was to finally launch a legitimate Pan-African Farmers Forum.