Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Consultative Conference, Seminar-cum-Workshop on India-Africa Agri-Partnership

27 March, 2010. Patiala, India. A delegation of ambassadors and high commissioners participated in a conference on opportunities for agriculture in Africa and a business meeting in Patiala.

African countries are eyeing Indian technology and expertise, especially from Punjab, to bring in a green revolution that will help them ensure food security and even export food grains to other countries.
'With a proven, impressive track record in the field of agriculture, India is a role model for us. We are hoping to bring the same green revolution in Africa that India saw many years back,' told Jose Maria Morais, Mozambique high commissioner in India.'Ninety percent of our population is living in the countryside and is engaged in agriculture. Agriculture is our government's priority and there is huge scope for Indian farmers and investors. In fact, to attract Indian farmers, our government is offering them countless tax benefits and other incentives,' he said.