Saturday, 3 September 2011

DFID backs extra year of RIU activity

Ian Maudlin
RIU Director
A 12-month extension (to June 2012) to the RIU has been agreed with DFID in order to allow certain key activities more time to generate additional knowledge outputs and provide greater and more in depth evidence of impact.

RIU aspires to:
  • Strengthen innovation capacity
  • Explore patterns of partnerships, alliances or networks that span research, social, economic and policy activity
  • Tackle local problems in a global context
  • Undertake learning-orientated monitoring, with reorientation of RIU in the light of emerging experience
  • Recognize that risk is an unavoidable part of innovation
  • Champion governance arrangements that facilitate a pro-poor orientation
  • Recognize of the vital role that women play in agriculture
  • Be flexible to pursue unexpected but promising outcomes
  • Engage at different levels and scales; for example local/global or technical/policy
  • Promote new ways of working

Within the RIU website RIU has its own television channel -RIUtv. This enables RIU to place short, specially-made films throughout the website, wherever they are most relevant. 
In August 2010 RIUtv News was added to the website, this is a monthly web-cast news bulleting and it is supported by RIU Highlights which is a listing of all the news from RIU. 

RIUradio gives RIU an opportunity to share stories across Africa, where radio is often the most important and powerful medium.

RIUradio works closely with the programme AGFAX produced byWRENmedia and a wide network of journalists. and funded by DFID, to get the messages out to radio stations across Africa. Each month, AGFAX distributes free-of-charge a pack of ready-to-broadcast radio features and interviews covering the latest information and news in farming, agricultural science, and rural development to more than 80 radio stations in Africa. The packs provide an audio interview, transcript and supporting information that the programme maker might need, for example a suggested introduction and closing announcement for each interview, and contacts for further information.

RIU feeds a news story each month to AGFAX. These are produced very cost-effectively by repurposing the audio tracks from RIUtv’s films. The stories are also available as podcasts via the RIU website

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