Thursday, 8 September 2011

New release! Platform study on policy coherence for ARD

Bonn, 8 Sep 2011. New release! Platform study on policy coherence for ARD (106 pages).

The international community is increasing efforts to foster coherence and institutional reform in the global policy and institutional framework for food security, agriculture and rural development. The UN HLTF, CFA and G8 / G20 work on the L'Aquila Food Security Initiative and on excessive global food price volatility, along with the upcoming 4th DAC High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, are all part of this process.

This study is unique, with potential to enrich these processes with a wealth of analysis and concrete examples, including 16 case studies fromthree continents in development – Africa, Latin America and Asia.

It pulls together important evidence-based lessons from policy and practice distilled skilfully by the ODI research team from an extensive review of the literature, interviews with experts and agency staff in head office and country contexts. It provides practical recommendations to donors to identify best practices and improve policy coherence for agriculture and rural development.

Rightly, the authors point out that the current range of global initiatives in agriculture, food and nutrition security and climate change could all complicate policy coherence still further, and the attainment of our ultimate objectives.
Quote on page 42: It is to the credit of most development agencies that they have recognised the merit of CAADP as an example of regional leadership that reflects the spirit of the Paris Declaration.
The challenge now for development partners and international agencies involved in agriculture and rural development policy and practice is to seriously address the key conclusions and recommendations.