Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Outcome of the Call for Concept notes of PAEPARD

PAEPARD launched on 31st May, 2011 a second call for applications for support to the development of multi-stakeholder partnerships that promote demand-driven agricultural innovation and research. PAEPARD partners were asked to disseminate as much as possible the call through their respective channels.

  • Per 15/07/2011, 69 Concept Notes (CNs) were submitted, 
  • 18 Applications did not fulfill the set criteria
  • There were 55 New Applicants and 14 CNs are re-submission
  • There were 55 Anglophone Applications against 14 Francophone Applications
  • 2 Applications were led by European stakeholders: one by Italy and another one by Switzerland
  • In the second call 65 % are led by non researchers while in the first call 49%
  • 51 Concept Notes (CNs) were evaluated.
During its Management Team Meeting of 7th October 2011 in Accra, PAEPARD ranked the priority list.

Selected concept notes:

African Applicant Country
Title of the proposal
Control of Angular leaf spot disease of Citrus in Ghana
Développement participatif des technologies  de la culture pomme de terre et promotion  des innovations sensibles au genre et à la conservation de l’environnement au Burundi
Extensive Collection and Characterization of African Solanaceae Plants
Micro propagation and cultivation of in vitro breadfruit plants and development of novel products from Breadfruit as an alternative source of carbohydrates  in Mauritius
Enhancing soybean and cowpea value chains for increased productivity, incomes and nutritional security of smallholder farmers in East and Central Africa
Burkina Faso
BIOPROTECT-B, un groupement d’intérêt économique pour la  protection biologique des cultures et la fertilisation organique des sols pour une agriculture saine et durable au sahel
Appui a la sécurité économique des ménages ruraux par la production, la commercialisation et la transformation du Soja au Benin
Low cost and high quality livestock feed production knowledge delivery to Nigerian poultry industry (NIPOFERD)
Cote d'Ivoire
Agriculture pour l’éducation (A.P.E) des enfants en âge scolaire (5 – 15 ans) en milieux rural et périurbain
Innover pour l’intensification, la diversification et la transformation de l’agriculture familiale en Afrique Centrale à travers la recherche – action en partenariat : cas de CNOP-CAM dans la région du Centre Cameroun
The support of PAEPARD to new partnerships consists of:
  1. [A] sponsored participation of key partners in Partnership Inception (PI ) workshops
  2. [B] subsidized participation of some of the key partners together with administrative staff of their organizations in Write-shops.
  3. [C] Follow up with the funding opportunities
A) Partnership Inception workshop: 
A workshop of about 5 days of the key partners:
Expected results of the Partnership Inception workshop:
  • Result 1: Demand-driven, balanced ARD consortia are consolidated with clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the non-research and research partners and African and European partners and with a clear agreement on the principles of African-led joint governance. Where relevant, missing actors and their required contributions have been identified.
  • Result 2: Each ARD consortium has developed an action plan defining the complementary development activities to address the common challenge/ theme around which each consortium is mobilized and the main elements of a research proposal to be further elaborated at a write-shop.
  • Result 3: Memoranda of Agreement have been signed between the partners in each partnership, between each partnership and its AI-facilitator and between each AI-facilitator and the PAEPARD Work Package 4 [Capacity Building] leaders.
  • Result 4: The collective and individual capacities of all consortium members to function as a team, taking stock of specific needs of non-research partners and mobilising their specific complementary contributions to the innovation process, have been strengthened.
Between the Partnership Inception workshop and write-shops, the AI-facilitators, with help from PAEPARD, assist their partnerships to formulate a first rough draft of a research proposal based on the main elements defined during the PI-workshop.

B) Write shops. 
Expected results of the Write shop
  • Result 1: Consortium members are aware of the procedures and formats required by the identified funding source to which their research proposal will be submitted and are able to use these formats and apply these procedures.
  • Result 2: Each consortium has fully developed its proposal following the specified format by the identified funding source
C) Follow up with the funding opportunities
Expected results of the follow up on the funding opportunities
  • Research proposals from different consortia that participated in the process of inception workshop and write-shop are submitted to the targeted funding sources