Thursday, 13 October 2011

10th African Crop Science Society Conference

October 10 – 13, 2011. Maputo, Mozambique. The 10th African Crop Science Society Conference emphasized the role of research in providing new and improved livelihood opportunities for farmers in Africa, thus improving their income and food security. The event provided a dynamic learning environment, with opportunities to interact and learn from one another, and to open and broaden horizons. The conference covered the following thematic areas:

  • agronomy, crop physiology, and cropping systems
  • horticulture
  • crop genetics and improvement
  • crop protection
  • biotechnology
  • integrated crop and livestock systems
  • soil and water management
  • agricultural extension and education
  • agricultural economics
  • environment and climate change effects on agriculture

At the 10th African Crop Science Society Conference, four Council Awards were presented to outstanding scientists:

  1. Prof. Monty Jones (FARA;Sierra Leonean)
  2. Prof. Kasem Zaki Ahmed (Minia University, Egypt)
  3. Prof. Joyce Kikafunda (Makerere University, Uganda)
  4. Dr. John S Tenywa (Makerere University, Uganda)