Wednesday, 8 February 2012

FARA Weekly Update

Dear All,
Please find below a summary of announcements received in the week of 1-7 February  2012. Thank you.
1.       News and events
3.       Job Vacancies  
4.       New Resources

News and Events

5.       APAARI Newsletter
7.       Plantwise Newsletter

Opportunities for training, scholarships and fellowships

4.       PAEPARD: ARD funding opportunities
i.                     Africa-Brazil Agricultural Innovation Marketplace 
ii.                   Agropolis Foundation (France) and CAPES (Brazil) 
iv.                 Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa 2012-2013.
v.                   Australia-Africa Community Grants 2011-2012. 
vi.                 Fondation Ensemble - Programs Fund 2012
vii.                AXA Research Fund - Calls for Proposals 2012
x.                   French National Agency for Agricultural Research (L'ANR) 

Job Vacancies

1.       Research positions in Food Processing Technology at South China University of Technology

3.       Climate change specialist

4.       Vacancies with ESOKO

New Resources