Thursday, 19 February 2009

e-agriculture & the Women of Uganda Network

Women of Uganda Network with support of the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP – EU (CTA), held the second Lango forum on e – agriculture in Apac district on the of 10th February 2009. The purpose of the forum was to sensitize rural women and the community at large on the role of information in agriculture and rural development with a gender perspective. Forum participants will share knowledge on the role of information in agriculture and rural development, the social challenges and benefits of ICT tools to men and women including the state of e-agriculture in Uganda.

This bi-annual fora includes Participants from the farming community, district leaders, Civil Society organisations from Apac, Gulu, Lira, and Oyam districts, and stakeholders from other areas of Uganda. Key issues arising from these foras and other project experiences are used to produce briefing papers with a focus on the benefits of ICT and gains from a programme that has working in an environment of limited ICT access.

Reference: WOUGNET