Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Research communication and the Danish Development Research Network

Research communication is gaining growing attention on the international scene. Donors as well as universities are required to demonstrate the value of the research they support and/or carry out, and a need for improved communication between researchers, decision makers and practitioners is addressed by an increasing number of stakeholders.

Furthermore, in a time of fast changes at global level there is a stronger need for quick and effective communication of research based knowledge that may have positive influence on meeting a series of global challenges related to e.g. climate changes, agricultural production, and health issues.

Against this background, the three Danish research networks, Danish Water Forum (DWF), Danish Research Network for International Health (ENRECAHEALTH), and Danish Development Research Network (DDRN) have decided to launch a new seminar series to bring the need for improved research communication into focus and:

  1. Promote the use of research based knowledge in development practice
  2. Help bringing development research on the public agenda; and
  3. Strengthen the communication skills of members of the networks.
In the seminars, communication is approached as a two-way process of dialogue including engagement of all stakeholders involved in the researched context as this is a prerequisite for overcoming structural challenges that often hinder the effective communication and/or implementation of research results. For a more detailed description of the background and objectives of the seminar series, please read the concept note available on the DDRN website.

08/05/2008 Seminar series research communication for development Report from Seminar 1
Professor Mkumbukwa MA Mtambo of Soikoine Universtiy of Agriculture (SUA), Tanzania comments on the August 2009 workshop on Communication in North/South research partnerships for development organized by SUA, the Danish Development Research Network (DDRN) and the Danish Water Forum (DWF) with support from Euforic and CABI.