Saturday, 29 August 2009

Two-day Malawi national media workshop on climate change

Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment of Malawi, Grain Malunga, said government recognises that the loss of human, nature, financial, social and physical capital caused by climate change is a threat to achieving sustainable development. Malunga said this on Wednesday at a two-day Malawi national media workshop on climate change in Blantyre.

“In response to climate change, Malawi prepared and adopted Napa [National Adaptation Programme for Action] in 2006. Napa identifies and seeks to promote activities that address urgent and immediate needs for adapting to adverse effects of climate change among rural communities,” said Malunga. He called on the media, civil society and government departments to help sensitise local communities to their role in adjusting their livelihoods. The minister also urged the media to use their investigative skills to analyse sources, and reasons for environmental degradation and mitigating measures.
Forum for Environmental Communicators (Feco) Malawi executive secretary Grover Mzumara noted that though the media is a key agent for development, reporters lack skills and knowledge on climate change. Feco-Malawi organised the workshop with funding from the Malawi Environmental Endowment Trust (Meet). Media practitioners also went on a media tour to various sites in Blantyre to appreciate environmental issues.

28/082009, Nation Online Climate change threat to development, says minister
25/08/09 Tanzania Sees Climate Change as Hindrance to Attainment of Mdgs. Batilda Buriani, minister of state in the Vice President's Office (Environment) called for appropriate plans, programs and local community adaptation strategies at both local and national level in order to reduce the negative impacts of climate change