Saturday, 9 January 2010

Research into use best bets for agricultural research in Africa

A new approach to making the best use of agricultural research findings has resulted in grants being made to four projects in East, Central and Southern Africa.

During the first round of RIU Best Bets, eight potential projects were short-listed from over 100 proposal submissions. Selection of the finalists was made at a meeting in Nairobi by an independent panel made up of four African business, finance and research and development experts.

The projects selected by the panel, and accepted by RIU for funding, include:
  • improved access to NERICA rice seed;
  • farmer-applied biocontrol seed treatments;
  • safe and affordable armyworm control tools;
  • and resources and information for farmers and young people. A total of US$2.5 million will be invested by RIU to support the promising partnerships between researchers and private sector entrepreneurs.

The next round of RIU Best Bets will be held in Ghana, West Africa in March 2010. A call for proposals is available on the RIU website.