Saturday, 9 January 2010

Sudan: the role of scientific research in agricultural development

22- 24 December 2009. Wed Medanni. Sudan.
The overall objective of the Conference was:
To maximize the utilization of research results, scientific studies and practical efforts to serve the agricultural renaissance in the Sudan for the development of society.
Prof Mohamed Galal director of the National Center of Research (NCR) in a Statement to Sudan TV

Main recommendations of the Conference: Adoption of national programmes in the following
1. Production, manufacture and marketing of medicinal and aromatic plants with a view to investment.
2. Weed control of resistant species and Mesquite control
3. Expansion of the durra crop in the Sudan and rehabilitation of infrastructure in the targeted areas of agricultural development.
4. Call on the state to adopt a contracting approach with research groups to develop practical solutions to increase production.
5. Involve the private sector in supporting research programs for researchers to achieve mutual benefit.
6. To promote research that increase and improve agricultural production and the diversity of both plant and animal care beneficiaries.
7. The provision and availability of climate information needed by researchers at nominal cost.
8. The importance of incorporating the interests and concerns of farms in the lever agenda of research and technical knowledge and develop its potential in the use of technologies and pesticides with the help of agricultural extension.
9. Emphasized that the concept of sustainable development is not only scientific research and footage of information and statistics to see what we have and build on it.
10. The use of local knowledge and benefit from the experience of farmers in the development of research.
11. Emphasis on the use and resettlement of biotechnology and genetic engineering-friendly environment in the development of varieties resistant to pests and many fast-growing and production.
12. Taking into account the rational use of natural resources for sustainability and maintenance of the deterioration in the adoption of the financing of any agricultural activities.
13. Preservation and maintenance of germplasm of Sudan and the traditional practices are harmful.
14. Pay more attention to areas of water resources taking into account the criteria of efficiency and rational use and to consider the environmental dimension in the planning and implementation of development projects.
15. Formation of a joint committee from the National Center for Research and the Agricultural Research Organization and the Livestock Research Institute and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and agricultural development program to follow up the implementation of the recommendations above under the auspices of Mr. Ali Osman Vice President of the Republic.

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