Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Chinese delegation visits FARA

30th July. Chinese delegation visits FARA.
Prof. Dr. Tongo Yana, Coordinator China-UK Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Network (SAIN), College of Resource&Environment, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, Shaanxi, P.R. China.
Prof. Dr. Renjie Dong, Director of International Relations, Professor & Head Engineering and Low-Carbon Technology, Executive Director Biomass Energy Center

Related: 10/08/2010 China’s Centre for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer in Mozambique, located in the district of Boane, Maputo province is expected to be finished in October 2010. 

The Centre, the first of ten similar facilities to be built in Africa, as part of China-Africa cooperation, will train Mozambican producers in agricultural technologies and in an initial phase will work on research into grains and vegetables. At a later stage it will provide training for animal researchers. 
The Boane centre is the first of ten that Chinese President Hu Jintao, pledged to build in Africa back in 2007. In its first three years in operation, Chinese technicians will train Mozambican staff who will be part of the centre’s working team. The team will also be made up of some of the 200 young Mozambicans doing a Masters or Doctorate degree abroad.

As well as Mozambique, the investments in Angola, Nigeria, Malawi and Zimbabwe are a way of China introducing modern agricultural methods based on innovation and research and development. 

the Fifth International Conference on Agricultural Statistics (ICAS-V) is to take place from 13th 15th October 2010 in Kampala, Uganda. This venue was selected during the ICAS-IV conference in Beijing, China. The ICAS-V conference is open to all producers, suppliers, trainers and users of Agricultural Statistics, such as economists, statisticians, researchers, analysts and decision-makers from government entities, the academia, , development partners and international organisations. It is as well open to the private sector, including the business community. More details and updates regarding the conference can be found at the Conference website