Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Web 2.0 Learning Opportunity organised by CTA and ICRAF

5-9 July 2010. Nairobi, Kenya. CTA, in collaboration with the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), has organised a 5-day Web 2.0 Learning Opportunity. Participants were introduced to selected web 2.0 applications and learn on how to use them; hands-on.

The Learning Opportunity covered advanced online searching, getting information served via alerts and RSS, collaborating remotely using wikis and Google Docs, using VoIP, online mapping and social networking. Participants got a chance to see what others have done, got hands-on experience on how to use innovative applications, and assessed how they could adopt these innovations within the context of their work and organisation.

These Learning Opportunities form part of CTA initiatives that support development partners in networking, accessing and disseminating information more effectively.

Programme of the Learning Opportunity
  • Introduction to the participatory World Wide Web (Web 2.0)
  • Search Magic: How to conduct advanced multilingual online searches;
  • Information Self Service: How to get selected information served to you via alerts and RSS feeds;
  • Remote collaboration: How to develop content remotely using wikis and Google Docs;
  • Online mapping: How to locate your organisation and your projects on a online Map;
  • How to communicate voice over the internet at no cost
  • Online publishing (Blog)
  • Social networking (LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • Web 2.0 self-instruction (introduction to IMARK)
Some interviews of participants:

Eric Kadenge is a radio journalist and he shares his toughts on his web 2.0 experience from CTA on Vimeo.

Luisa Angore shares her feelings on her Web 2.0 exposure from CTA on Vimeo.

Henry Nderema, KARI webmaster shares his Web 2.0 experience from CTA on Vimeo.

Ronald Sirengo works at ICRAF and shares his thoughts about the ongoing web 2.0 Learning Opportunity from CTA on Vimeo.

Grace Mwaura and her Web 2.0 experience from CTA on Vimeo.

Web 2.0 Learning Opportunity, Molo, Kenya, 27 September - 1 October 2010