Monday, 7 January 2008

Demand Driven Agricultural Advisory Services

The Neuchâtel Initiative (NI) is an informal platform of experts for rural and agricultural advisory services that had been established 13 years ago. In this forum, major bilateral and multilateral donor organisations of the North are affiliated; additionally several resource organisations and universities are participating during annual meetings. The initiative is informal in the sense that it works without a permanent secretariat. It meets once a year on a voluntary basis in different locations. Due to the expertise and the quality of NI products (common frameworks), the initiative is leading in policy dialogue on agricultural and rural advisory services. It publishes harmonised common frameworks on policies, implementation and monitoring of agricultural advisory services for development assistance as joint products. These common frameworks are covering various topics of extension (which can be downloaded from the NI website and are used as internationally recognised reference documents for the implementation of extension programs and the harmonisation between different stakeholders (e.g. donors) in the development of agricultural services.

With the financial support of CTA, following booklets were re-printed (1,500 copies of each booklet):

¨ Common Framework on Agricultural Extension

¨ Note de cadrage conjointe sur la vulgarisation agricole

¨ Common Framework on Financing Agricultural and Rural Extension

¨ Note de cadrage sur le financement du conseil agricole et rural

¨ Demand Driven Agricultural Advisory Services (DDAAS)

¨ Services des conseils agricoles pilotés par la demande

The translation of the DDAAS into French (Services des conseils agricoles pilotés par la demande) was offered by CIRAD. GTZ translated the same document into Spanish and financed its editing and printing.

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