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DFID Research Strategy Consultation and Agricultural Research in Africa

FARA has provided in November 2007 a contribution to the consultation on DFID's new research strategy, with responses to questions on research opportunities for sustainable agriculture, the importance of education and training, and how new technologies can be used by developing countries. Read more.

The global consultations organised as part of DFID’s research strategy for 2008-2013
including agricultural research in Africa are now available on line. A number of opportunities and constraints have been identified as well as following research priorities for Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda and China (related to Africa).

DFID Research Strategy (2008 - 2013). Consultation - Africa. Country Report for Ethiopia
2007 CABI Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, 64 pp. View PDF 414.7 kbs
See: p. 13 - 16

  • Agriculture Livestock (breed, feed, health);
  • high value cash crops, and crop diseases and pests;
  • optimum crop-livestock integration; v
  • alidation and integration of indigenous knowledge;
  • post-harvest technologies;
  • marketing research; biotechnology;
  • irrigation, soil and water conservation;
  • strengthening linkage between relevant actors, and communication of available research findings.
DFID Research Strategy (2008-2013). Consultations in South Africa
2007 Ainslie, A.; Asma Hassan Khanya-African Institute for Community-Driven Development (Khanya-aicdd), Bloemfontein, South Africa, 52 pp.
View PDF
235.8 kbs
See p. 14 - 21

  • Assessment of the impact of changes in global and national agriculture over the past 2 decades on small producers
  • Rural production systems (to involve multidisciplinary teams)
  • Improvements in agricultural production
  • Improvements in water security
  • Innovations in water harvesting
  • Development of an agricultural research agenda
DFID Research Strategy (2008 - 2013). Consultation - Africa. Country Report for Nigeria.
2007 CAPPS 43 pp.
View PDF
348.6 kbs
see p.10 - 14

  • Addressing pressing threats to farming such as those posed by erosion, desertification and flooding, as well as HIV/AIDs and climate change
  • Increasing agricultural productivity
  • Creating an enabling environment for productive farming
  • Making research work for farmers
DFID Research Strategy (2008 - 2013). Consultation - Africa. Country Report for Uganda
2007 People Innovations and Change in Organisations (PICO), Uganda, 83 pp.
View PDF
837.6 kbs
p. 23 - 28

  • Improvements in post-harvest handling to reduces losses (estimated at 30% of production) and adding value to agricultural products
  • Markets and market access
  • Development of sustainable production systems for crops and livestock
  • Development of technologies, such as biotechnology, for increased production and productivity
  • Study of the inter-relationships between agriculture and other disciplines such as health and environment
  • Generation of evidence needed for policy formulation to support agricultural financing and attract investment in agriculture
  • Methods of increasing the uptake and utilization of agricultural research products
  • Knowledge management systems for agricultural development
  • Doing agricultural research for impact
China: development research priorities. Report on consultations for DFID’s global research strategy 2008-2013
2007 Institute of Development Studies , Brighton, UK, 27 pp. View PDF 147.7 kbs
p.16 - 17

  • Joint work with the Chinese on agriculture in Africa
  • Documentation of research and other activities concerning agriculture in Africa which have been supported by China
  • Sharing of agricultural innovations and approaches between practitioners and researchers in China and Africa
  • Need to explore linkage of Chinese research with major international initiatives on African Agriculture

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