Thursday, 31 January 2008

First scientific meeting of the Global Cassava

First Scientific meeting of the Global Cassava Partnership - GCP-I, in Ghent, Belgium July 21-25, 2008.

The Global Cassava Partnership (GCP) was formed unanimously in 2003 by 45 institutions throughout the world, under the umbrella of the Global Cassava Development Strategy (GCDS) of IFAD/FAO.

GCP is the organization dealing with the international cassava research and development community (R&D) and is now assuming the traditional roles of the former CBN. GCP is, first and foremost, the focal advocacy platform for global cassava issues, and it leverages cassava R&D through:

  • Facilitating discourse amongst key cassava stakeholders - farmers, end-users, researchers, and donor agencies;
  • Organizing scientific and technical meetings;
  • Collective seeking of funding opportunities;
  • Catalyzing the overcome of major bottlenecks such as cassava genomics…

More information on Casavanet: Casavanet wish to bring as much information as possible together in once place and to make this accessible to a worldwide audience of laypersons and specialists. The goal is to provide an interactive portal for knowledge concerning cassava, thereby improving access and links to information which can increase the understanding of the crop. Casavanet's ultimate aim is that facilitating access and exchange of information will contribute to the well-being of cassava farmers throughout the tropics.


Non-food uses of Cassava

Cassava is multifaceted crop that is finding many industrial applications, worldwide. Some of the current applications include; adhesives, corrugated boards, gums, wallpaper, foundry, well drilling, paper industry, textile industry, wood furniture, particle board, biofuels, alcohol products, dusting powders, drugs, plastics, packaging, stain remover, concrete stabilizer and moisture sequester. Key words: cassava, multifaceted crop, industrial applications, non-food uses

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