Sunday, 31 August 2008

African Green Revolution Conference in Oslo

Kofi Annan, President Bingu Wa Mutharika of Malawi and other key leaders such as Dr. Jones of FARA have this week met to discuss Africa’s future at the 3rd annual African Green Revolution Conference held in Oslo .

The researchers, donors, and officials were meeting in Oslo on 28th and 29th August for the third in a series of gatherings that follow up a 2004 challenge from Annan to revolutionize African farming. The conferences are organized by Yara International ASA, a Norwegian fertilizer company. In addition to focusing on how to help African farmers climb out of poverty, this conference also draws attention to the role increased African food production could play in countering soaring world food prices.

Dr. Monty Jones, who leads the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, told The Associated Press that,

"With proper planning, Africa can produce food for itself and for the world.
Africa has more agricultural land than most places."
On 29th August, the Kenyan professor Florence Wambugu, shared the $100,000 Yara Prize with Tanzanian Victor Mfinanga for efforts in their home countries to help small farmers increase productivity and profits.The Yara Prize is an annual recognition of significant contributions to the reduction of hunger and poverty in Africa, as key contribution to the fulfilment of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.

Florence Wambugu is founder and head of Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International. The award recognises her significant work in food security in Kenya and beyond, especially in helping small-scale farmers to improve their food quality, production and access to markets.

“The award is something to motivate me and Africa Harvest. It is about something I have pursued all through — to be able to alleviate hunger, poverty and malnutrition through a green revolution. Africa has the greatest opportunity in the current (food) crisis because we are a farming continent. An African green revolution is very important to stabilizing the whole food supply system."

Interview on 17/12/2007 with Tanzanian Victor Mfinanga. Shambani Graduates Enterprise Limited collects fresh milk from 200 Maasai cattle keepers in Morogoro Rural District; process and market the milk in Morogoro Municipality and Dar es Salaam City. The company creates employment, promotes milk consumption and pioneers for graduates to create wealth and jobs through agricultural based entrepreneurship.

In the second video Victor Mfinanga provides an overview of the milk processing business he founded and his desire to expand.


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