Sunday, 31 August 2008

Co-Creating a Farming Information Hub for the Next Decade

On 9th October 2007, icipe – African Insect Science for Food and Health, and BioVision Foundation of Switzerland have launched, an internet information platform tailored for farmers and farmers’ advisors in East Africa, to provide them with locally relevant information on ecologically safe, accessible and affordable methods to control pests and diseases of crops, animals and human beings, as well as sustainable methods for resource conservation and maintenance.

In its pilot phase Infonet has proven to be a high potential, much appreciated and useful tool, that has attracted the attention and interest of various stakeholders, from research institutes, government and non-governmental institutions, extension workers, journalists, representatives of donor agencies, information technology companies and last but not least farmers from all over the world.
Some 100 stakeholders validated the infonet farmer information hub and discussed its future

In order to design and further develop the set-up, content and service provision of Infonet in a next phase ICIPE & BioVision have asked carefully chosen representatives from various stakeholder groups and constituencies (of which FARA), to develop during a three day workshop in Nairobi - 25th August-27th August - an action plan for the next Infonet phase which should also incorporate new information, technologies and channels of communication.

Richard Fulss, Information manager at the International Lifestock Research Institute (ILRI - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) gives his impression on the outcome of the infonet-biovision workshop (Nairobi 25/08 - 27/08/08). He compares information distribution to farmers which are web-based with other means of distribution.