Friday, 26 September 2008

1st All Africa Biotech Conference

22 –26 September. Nairobi, Kenya. The first All Africa Congress on Biotechnology kicked off on Monday 22nd September 2008, at the Grand Palace Conference Centre in the capital city of the Republic of Kenya, Nairobi.

The first of its kind, the African Forum on Biotechnology, is being held under the theme: “Harnessing the potential of biotechnology for food security and socio-Economic Development in Africa”. It was jointly organised by the African Union and the Kenyan Government, including several other partners in the presence of government officials of AU Member States, scientists, researchers, journalists specialised in the domain, civil society, agricultural organisations within the African continent as well as representatives of regions that are technically advanced in the area of biotechnology worldwide.

The opening session of the All African Congress on Biotechnology was marked by the speech of the Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture of the African Union, Mrs. Rhoda Peace Tumusiime, that highlighted the position and action of the African Union in Biotechnology and food security. According to the Commissioner’s speech, the African Union is seeking lasting solutions to resolve the problem of food security.

Other activities on the agenda of the Congress include thematic workshops that will hold up to 26 September 2008. One of the workshops will be on communication. It will focus on the role of the media in covering events related to biotechnology.

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