Friday, 26 September 2008

International Conference on Natural Resource Management, Climate Change and Economic Development in Africa

September 15-17, Nairobi .The African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) organized an International Conference on Natural Resource Management, Climate Change and Economic Development in Africa as part of its 20th Anniversary.

The intention of the conference was to bring together a significant body of information to illuminate the physical, socioeconomic and global impacts of climate change and resource management, and related policy issues.

Kenyan Environment Minister John Michuki opened the conference at the Intercontinental Hotel. The minister urged the AERC to think seriously about incorporating agricultural and natural resource management issues into its programme.

AERC’s long-term ambition focuses on a paradigm shift at the national level, so that Africa’s poor can become less vulnerable to drought-related food shortages and globalization on the whole. It is anticipated that through AERC’s broad research and policy network, the research papers and dissemination efforts will bring these issues to the fore so as to raise African policy makers’ awareness and enable them to take a proactive stance on behalf of their countries and nationals.

AERC 20th Anniversary Conference
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A thematic conference on Climate Change in Africa took place in Nairobi 18 september. The conference on the challenge of Climate Chance in Africa was the fourth of five thematic conferences organised by the Africa Commission in 2008. The objective of the conference is to secure a string of recommendations that will be used in the further work of the Africa Commission, and to ensure African and civil society ownership to the process.

The Commission consists of international members drawn from Heads of States and Governments, politicians, experts, business people and representatives from both international and regional organizations and the academic world. The majority are from Africa. The Danish Prime Minister, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, is chairman of the Commission.

The more than 80 participants in Nairobi represented a broad range of actors from government institutions, civil society and the private sector. The list included environmental and resource specialists, NGO's, environmental economists, business associations and officials from relevant ministries.

The following themes were used as inspiration and guide for the working group discussions: 1. Water resources 2. Food security and agricultural productivity 3. Adaptation to climate change in urban areas 4. Economic development and clean energy 5. Avoiding deforestation

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Sixth biennial scientific conference of the University of Nairobi’s College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences.

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