Thursday, 18 September 2008

Approval of the MTP of the Sub-Saharan Africa Challenge Program (Ssa Cp)

The Science Council of the CGIAR approved the MTP of the SSA CP program. At this occasion there was on 15/09 a “Cake cutting ceremony at FARA”.
The SSA-CP MTP offers a good overview of the changes made as a result of the external review and the SC’s previous MTPs commentaries. The Program has responded seriously and positively to all previous assessments. The SSA CP was set in motion in January 2005. It has undergone several design changes since then. There are three major research questions which the CP has now embraced to try to produce empirical evidence for IAR4D. The SC is pleased to see that this MTP includes a thorough discussion of significant research activities. In addition, capacity building, which is a key in any IAR4D project, has now been made more explicit by the creation of a post-doc program. Also, SROs are now more involved in the implementation of the Pilot Learning Sites (PLS).