Friday, 30 January 2009

Aligning efforts on agricultural policy and knowledge systems in support of CAADP

On January 6 and 7, 2009, FARA participated to the meeting organised by NEPAD, IFPRI, AGRA, and the World Bank in Dakar, Senegal to align efforts on agricultural policy and knowledge systems in support of CAADP.

The discussions centred on alignment of efforts for CAADP implementation, the roles of agencies involved in the process and focused on the implications of alignment of efforts on agricultural policy and knowledge systems. After six years of CAADP, aligning efforts is crucial in an environment where financial, human and infrastructural resources are limited. In order to achieve a common African vision, a good system should be developed to provide reliable data collection, analysis and timely reporting and in the right format for use by decision makers. Such knowledge systems should be able to adapt and react to ongoing challenges and emerging issues. The systems should be demand driven. Building local capacity to design and identify appropriate approaches, methods and tools is critical to maintain sustainability.

The draft agenda of the meeting is available here.
Further information and conference presentations available on the ReSAKSS Events page.

2008 proved to be a prolific year for ReSAKSS, with 15 new working papers, 3 issue briefs, an annual trends report, and 4 other documents becoming publicly available to policymakers, researchers and development thinkers.

The documents cover a wide variety of relevant and useful topics, including agricultural growth and poverty options for several African countries, an analysis of rising food prices in South Africa, and agricultural expenditures in Africa. Other documents have laid out the strategic planning guidelines for practitioners and the monitoring and evaluation framework for CAADP.

View all ReSAKSS publications on the ReSAKSS website.