Tuesday, 27 January 2009

An e-agriculture PPP in South-Africa for the meat market

Annami Bruwer of BRUBOER South-Africa explains how a Public Private Partnership is using ICT to improve a range of services to cattle farmers centered around the finishinglot . The ICT service hub includes:
  • Bulk procurement  & market penetration;
  • Logistics;
  • Track and traceability;
  • Training & capacity building;
  • Micro-finance;
  • Veterinary and Breeding
  • Abattoir & Deboning facility
  • Meat Processing Plant & Market penetration. 
There are approximately 300 small scale cattle farmers with approximately 2500 dependents who directly benefit from the ICT Livestock Hub. It empowers the cattle farmers in the area to better access markets. the inputs and services are leading to higher quality livestock and income for farmers. 

The introduction of a track and traceability service, through an animal identification system, means that these farmers can comply with international food safety requirements and penetrate lucrative international markets.

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