Tuesday, 13 January 2009

FAO Ministerial Conference on Water for Agriculture and Energy in Africa

15-17 December 2008. Sirte, Libya. The aim of the Conference was to examine all aspects of water resources in Africa in the context of rapidly increasing demand from the agriculture and energy sectors and climate change. Presentations and discussions were focused on three key thematic areas: prospects for food and energy demand by 2015 and projections for 2030 – 2050; investment needs and management issues of harnessing water and irrigation; and financing mechanisms and implementation strategies.

Side meeting with NEPAD, AUC and FARA: A side meeting was held with the NEPAD Agriculture Adviser Prof. Richard Mkandawire and the AUC Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Economy to strategize on how FARA, NEPAD and AUC could work together on key issues of common interest to the three institutions. Also present at the meeting were Mr. Martin Bwalya, NEPAD Land Expert and Mr. Eugene Kanyegirire NEPAD Communications Officer.

The meeting was wrapped up with a pledge to work together in promoting water development throughout the continent and to fully exploit Africa's agricultural and hydropower potential.

Declaration of the Ministerial Conference on Water for Agriculture and Energy in Africa, Sirte, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, 15-17 December 2008
African ministers adopt $65b fund to develop water infrastructure," The Guardian, Nigeria. Dec 22, 2008