Tuesday, 27 January 2009

ASTI Consultation Workshop on Supplementary Indicators

20 January 2009. Entebbe, Uganda. Eighteen (18) participants from global, regional, sub-regional and national agricultural research organizations participated in the consultation. The workshop focused on the improvement and expansion of quantitative information provided by the Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI) Initiative.

The presentations included an overview of the ASTI initiative, GFAR’s perspective on the ASTI initiative, innovation system perspective, agricultural research and development input, output and process indicators, and complementing the national perspective.

The ASTI initiative is managed by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). The initiative compiles, processes, analyzes, and publicizes data on institutional developments, investments, and capacity in agricultural R&D at national, regional land global levels. ASTI outputs describe trends (progress of agricultural R&D human and financial capacity over time at the national, regional and global levels) and comparative information (performance of a country or region compared to others). The initiative entails a large amount of original and on-going survey work focused on low and middle income countries, but also maintains access to relevant data for developed countries. Download the ASTI brochure: (PDF 150K)
Nienke Beintema, Head, Agricultural Science and Technology indicators (ASTI) initiative

Over the past years, the work has mainly focused on developing and maintaining the ASTI website : building a network of collaborators at the national and regional levels; and initiating institutional survey rounds in Africa (2001-04), Asia (2002 – 07), the Middle East (2004 – 07) and Latin America (2007 – 08).