Friday, 24 April 2009

Launch of the North African Sub Regional Organisation (NASRO)

19th April 2009. Cairo, Egypt. The new North African Sub Regional Organisation (NASRO) was launched with the following three functions:
  • better networking and integration among North African countries leading to improvement in knowledge sharing and lessons learnt;
  • providing timely information to policy makers and,
  • better representation of NASRO within the regional fora, FARA.

Current members of NASRO are: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Tunisia and Sudan. Egypt and Libya vied to host the NASRO Secretariat. Libya was chosen unanimously. Below are the newly elected officers of NASRO.

  1. Chairperson: Prof. Ayman A. Hadid President, ARC of Egypt with two year term
  2. Vice Chairperson: Prof. Habib Amamou Director General IRESA, Tunisia
  3. Interim Executive Secretary: Prof. Azhari Hamada, Director General, ARC of Sudan

The Chairperson has 2-year term while the Executive Secretary will be in office for one year as an interim. Dr. Hamada is tasked to setup the Secretariat by recruiting the require staff and preparing the governance and policy documents to operate the Secretariat.