Tuesday, 28 April 2009

SCARDA: Regional Programme Wide Strategies and Learning, PSL, Workshop

Accra 25-30 April 2009. The SCARDA: Regional Programme Wide Strategies and Learning PSL workshop was organized in two broad parts: (a) the Expert group consultations and harmonisation of program-wide strategies ; (b) the Learning workshop

Step 1 involved meetings by 4 expert groups, namely:
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Communications
  • Gender & Mentoring
  • Change Management

Step 2 were meetings titled “Engagement of SCARDA Implementing Entities,” (ESIE) namely:

  • The sub-regional organizations, SROs
  • The Lead Service Providers, LSP
  • The Focal Institutions, FIs
  • Lesson learning at sub-regional level.

Step 3 included the plenary sessions to receive reports of the expert groups, and, harmonize SCARDA programme –wide strategies and action plans for implementation of SCARDA in the future.