Monday, 27 July 2009

Update edition of infonet-biovision is online

15th of July 2009. An update edition of infonet-biovision is now online. is a web-based information tool offering trainers, extension workers and farmers mainly in Africa a quick access to up-to-date and locally relevant information in order to optimise their livelihoods in a safe, effective, and ecologically sound way.

The information presented is specifically relevant for the african continent and its inhabitants, many examples and case studies are from Kenya or East African countries, but can be useful for other tropical countries as well. The topics presented on infonet like crop managment, diseases, pests and environmenally sound technologies are focused on the ecology and the species that are prevalent in East Africa.

Hereunder follows an interview with Gladys Nyambura who gives trainings to farmers about the use of Infonet in Kenya. She tells about the difficulties for farmers to access information on CDroms and on Internet. But once they are able to do this is recognized as a unique and very rich source of information.