Monday, 27 July 2009

Using the mobile to create social groups around a value chain

16th of July 2009. Interview with Mark Davies, Esoko and Founder of Busyinternet, Accra, Ghana after the panel Discussion on: Public private partnership in m-agriculture at the end of the second day of the IAALD Africa Chapter Conference.

Mark explains how social groups can be created around a value chain or a specific commodity - similar as social groups on Facebook.

He recognizes that this has yet not be tried out but he expects this will be the future as long a this can be done in a very cheap way. This can initially been driven by companies like Unilever of Nestle because they have their networks and need to be able to communicate more quickly and more effectively with the small distributers. This is presently very expensive. Using the mobile for data exchange is an obvious solution.

"The value change we think of is probably more around successful commercial businesses to start with"