Friday, 20 November 2009

CGIAR change video

You may remember the short explanatory video of the CGIAR from last year where CGIAR used the Common Craft approach to lay out the different elements of the change process. This time and with the communications team of the CGIAR Secretariat the CGIAR decided to opt for a small piece where the CGIAR aimed at capturing the changes in mindsets that have been accompanying the process since its launch and as follows:

“We have success stories to share. However we need impact at scale. A revitalized CGIAR is part of the solution. And mindsets are changing; from skepticism to interest. Step by step we are embracing change. And now it’s your chance to get involved.”

The script is based on various CGIAR stakeholder quotes and the images and video excerpts are taken from center and challenge program Web sources. Both videos have been done with Caramba design, a Cali based multimedia company.

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