Monday, 16 November 2009

FIFTH CAADP Partnership Platform Meeting

09-10 November 2009. Abuja, Nigeria. The African Union Commission (AUC), in collaboration with the NEPAD Secretariat and ECOWAS Secretariat, organized the 5th Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme Partnership Platform (CAADP-PP).

Ahead of the CADDP-PP meeting experts met for a two-days planning meeting, 5-6 November 2009. It was followed by an International Conference on Financing Regional Agricultural Policy in West Africa aims to adopt the Draft Regional Partnership Compact for the implementation of ECOWAP/CAADP: 11-12 November.

The pact confirms the adherence of the parties concerned - ECOWAS, regional cooperation organizations, professional organizations, financial institutions and technical and financial partners - to the focuses, objectives, principles and institutional and financial mechanisms of ECOWAP/CAADP and recognizing ECOWAP/CAADP as the sole basis for the programming and coordination of regional operations in the agricultural sector.

The 5th CAADP-PP meeting, was hosted by ECOWAS Secretariat, and provided an inclusive platform for peer interaction, review and experience sharing among the core institutions and partners involved in CAADP implementation.

The 5th CAADP-PP came at the marking point that a number of countries have shown their commitment of CAADP program implementation by putting the compact agreement. In this regard it to deliberated a key elements and strategies on the joint engagement and coordination so as to ensure the desired, coordinated and timely support appropriate to the country-specific circumstances.

The meeting also discussed various components towards CAADP implementation including, amongst others:
  • CAADP Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) Governance arrangement;
  • CAADP Monitoring and Evaluation Framework;
  • Roadmap for the follow-up and implementation of the July 2009 Heads of State and Government Summit decisions;
  • Framework for Regional CAADP implementation and regional compacts, as well as the issue of food security and climate change, which are affecting agricultural performance.


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