Monday, 8 February 2010

Food Security Portal: An Innovative Approach to Food Security at Country Level

This open access policy information portal has been established to provide comprehensive and detailed information country-by-country on food policy developments. 

Currently a lot of information is being collected in an un-coordinated fashion by different international and regional organizations. This portal is designed to pool such information in structured ways and check for data quality and relevance. 

The portal will contain relevant food crisis response information initially on its 20 partner countries (mostly in Sub-Sahara Africa, but also in Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean) and shall be expanded beyond these pre-selected countries in the context of the project. The portal also includes a research-based capacity-strengthening “tool box” that will be developed to guide country responses. Where needed, advice on urgently needed policy actions will also be facilitated.

African partner countries:
  • Chad: Ministère du Développement Rural
  • DR Congo: Institut National pour l'Étude et la Recherche Agronomiques
  • Kenya: Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
  • Liberia: University of Liberia, College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF)
  • Madagascar: Centre National de la Recherche Appliquee au Developpement Rural (FOFIFA )
  • Malawi: Bunda College of Agriculture, University of Malawi
  • Mozambique : Institute of Agrarian Research in Mozambique (IIAM)
  • Nigeria: Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Tanzania: Economic and Social Research Foundation