Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Scaling Up Nutrition: Montpellier Panel new briefing paper

17 May 2011. London. Houses of Parliament. The Montpellier Panel launched a new briefing paper 'Scaling Up Nutrition' by Tom Arnold, CEO Concern Worldwide and Montpellier Panellist, and Katy Wilson, Agriculture for Impact, in the UK Parliament. the launch was hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Agriculture and Food for Development.

The paper outlines the scale of the worldwide health and economic problems caused by child undernutrition, and calls on governments to tackle it with committed funds and decisive action. You can access the paper in English or French.

The Montpellier Panel:

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Houses of Parliament
 The Panel Report
Providing an overview of the state of European investment in African agriculture, as well as African priorities in agriculture and nutrition, and makes recommendations for ensuring global food price stability and strengthening partnerships between Europe and Africa. 
 The Panel Members
The Montpellier Panel is chaired by Gordon Conway of Agriculture for Impact, and consists of ten experts from the fields of agriculture, sustainable development, trade, policy, and global development.