Monday, 16 May 2011

Sustainable Land Management Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation in Africa

These mini-films, of 5-7 minutes each, show two sustainable land management (SLM) technologies that have a proven track record in Africa: Stone Lines and Fanya Juu. The technologies presented can constitute important components within the climate change adaptation strategies of small-scale farmers.

Making use of archive and new footage, each technology is presented in a consistent way: this includes construction, views of mature structures/systems and dynamic graphics showing how each functions. This is then complemented by interviews with farmers.

Included with the DVD are information cards which provide a summary of each technology - including their range of suitably, input requirements and design specifications, as well as references for further reading.

The International Institute for Environment and Development and the Centre for International Cooperation vrije Universiteit are pleased to be able to offer free copies of this new DVD.