Monday, 3 December 2007

African forum on agricultural research for development

This year’s annual meeting of the African Forum on the 2nd December 2007 at the CGIAR Annual meeting has focused on the achievements made so far by stakeholders at the different levels.

The purpose of the African Forum at CGIAR AGM 2007 was to increase the understanding and to get feedback from different stakeholders on how CAADP and FAAP are guiding initiatives towards common goals and objectives. The objective was to provide an open space where major actors in African AR&D can interact with CGIAR – AGM participants. There was a special interest in learning from potential Asian partners about how they could respond to the call of FAAP and CAADP for strengthened South-South exchanges. It was an important opportunity for the three development-oriented Pillars of CAADP to exchange views with the agricultural research (Pillar IV) community on the new knowledge and technologies that they need for achieving greater impact.

The topics have been formulated as questions that guided speakers to contribute towards a common outcome, i.e., of learning how each and everyone’s actions contribute to CAADP objectives following the FAAP principles.

  • What are we trying to achieve in Africa?

  • How is the CGIAR responding to CAADP and FAAP?

  • How are we tapping the diverse resources available to Africa?

  • How are the RECs involved?

  • Why do we need the sub-regional organizations?

  • How are the national systems affected by the SROs and FARA?

  • Why should the civil society organizations be concerned with CAADP?

  • Is there a role for development partners besides providing the funds?

  • Why should international research organizations or institutes and regional fora be engaged with the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa?

  • How do we integrate and derive lessons learnt from these diverse initiatives?

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