Wednesday, 12 December 2007

GK3: Global Knowledge conference

Organised in Kuala Lumpur from 11/12 till 13/12/2007 by the Global Knowledge Partnership, the GK3 focused on the uses of ICT in Development (ICT4D).

GK3 brought together over 1,600 visionaries, international leaders, practitioners and policy-makers to engage on the theme: Emerging People, Emerging Markets, Emerging Technologies.

The GK3 Core Programme comprised over 40 expert panels with interactive debates about the latest trends, innovations and future perspectives. Policy makers, leaders, innovators, visionaries, knowledge management specialists, broadcasters, practitioners and futurists discussed hot topics around the interplay of emerging people, markets and technologies. Of particular interest were the sessions on:


'e-Agriculture - Continuing Dialogue to Action' will consider the unique factors related to enhancing sustainable agricultural development and food security by improving the use of information, communication, and associated technologies in the e-Agriculture sector.
Pannellist Aida Opoku-Mensah, Director, ICT and Science & Technology Division (ISTD), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
This session addressed the following key questions:
  • What is the policy dimension of e-Agriculture today, and how might this change in the future?
  • Where are the limitations in the use of ICT in rural development?
  • What are the biggest constraints to the expansion of e-Agriculture?
  • How can organisations join forces in an economically smart way to increase working capacities and efficiency?
Building Knowledge Societies, What Makes the Difference? People or Policies in Africa?

This session addressed the following key questions:
What are the key features of the knowledge and information Society in Africa?
Can knowledge and information transform African societies? If so how?
What will make the difference? People or Policies?
How can people be empowered in the Information and Knowledge societies?
Moderator Mr. Abdoulie Janneh, Under-Secretary General and Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)

GK3 Sessions on Emerging Financing Mechanisms

'Financing Change in ICT4D: Innovative and Emerging Social Investors and Donors' gathered key representatives from traditional donor agencies and corporations to highlight emerging forms of ICT4D funding. They include UNESCO's Abdul Waheed Khan, the Inter-American Development Bank's Danilo Piaggesi, IDRC's Rohinton Medhora and Microsoft's Frank McCosker.

'Electronic Banking with the Poor: Emerging Technologies for Financial Inclusion' showed how innovative electronic banking utilising mobile phone, ATMs, micro-credit cards and other new technologies are achieving financial inclusion for people who are otherwise excluded from participating in the digital economy.
See programme for all the presentations.

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