Thursday, 14 February 2008

ASARECA Board of Directors and development partners

Entebbe, 3-6 February 2007
The meeting started with the progress report from the ASARECA Secretariat. It emphasized on how the year 2007 was the transition period in terms of changing ASARECA's approach from network focus to program focused. Three program managers were hired i.e. Staples Crops Programme - Dr. Fina Opio; Policy Analysis and Advocacy - Dr. Michael Waithaka; and Agrobiodiversity and Biotechnology - Dr. Charles Mugoya.

Left ot right: (a) Current Board Chariman, Dr. Azhari Abdelazim Hamada Director General Agricultural Research Corporation (ARC), Sudan (b) Ugandan Minister of State for Animal Industry Hon. Bright Rwamirama (c) Dr. Dennis Kyetere, Director General National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), Uganda

Other cross cutting issues or initiatives were presented; Technology Uptake and Upscaling Support Initiative by Lydia Kimenye, M&E Strategy by Leonard Oruko and Communications Strategy by Jacqueline Nyagahima.

Each of the programs and initiatives presented their strategic plan, operational plan and annual plan for 2008. All were developed through stakeholder consultations. Other initiatives presented were related to On-Going IAR4D in ASARECA with Partners i.e. Climate Change by Jeannette Van de Steeg; Napier Grass by Jean Hanson; Harvest Plus by Berga Lemaga; IMAWESA by Bancy Mati. A session was allotted to discuss partnerships through CAADP pillar 4. Presentations were made by ASARECA, COMESA and FARA.

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