Thursday, 14 February 2008

Farmer information platform launched in East Africa

Recently, the African Insect Science for Food and Health and the Biovision Foundation launched an Internet platform that will give farmers in East Africa free access to information on sustainable control of disease vectors and pests. BioVision is a Swiss non-profit foundation started in 1998 by Dr Hans Herren, who was from 1994 until 2005 the Director General of Icipe, and is currently the president of the Millennium Institute in Washington DC. Having spent half his life as a scientific researcher in Africa, Dr Herren, was a 1995 World Food Prize winner.

The INFONET-BioVision Information Platform aims to strengthen sustainable development of farmers and rural communities in Africa by making information on key topics available through an internet platform and other creative solutions and dissemination strategies.According to a story in Business Daily Africa, the new platform is different from other sites and services "because it has been designed with farmers, and their trainers in mind. Our approach has been to see things from their perspective."
Innovations Report: New information platform for East African farmers
Business Daily Africa: Farmers to benefit from online help in pest war

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