Friday, 15 February 2008

Sierra Leone: Introducing Rare Gems

Because some people might be wondering who the rare gems of Sierra Leone are and where are they, Concord Times (Freetown) has decided to launch a thorough search to get at the real rare gems, both from within the country and in the Diaspora.

In its maiden edition of 08/02 on 'Introducing the Rare Gems of Sierra Leone' series, Concord Times has decided to bring Dr Monty Jones.

Why the search for rare gems? RARE GEMS OF SIERRA LEONE is convinced that the people of Sierra Leone require the power of collective leadership driven by credible role models who can rekindle the flame of love, faith and hope to inspire our people to confront their present seeming limitations. We are desirous of organizing young outstanding Sierra Leoneans who are making a difference all over the world to focus on investing their enormous influence and resources to advance the cause of Sierra Leone nationally and internationally.
Concord Times 08/02/2008 Sierra Leone: Introducing Rare Gems

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