Thursday, 21 February 2008

Regional Agricultural Information and Learning Systems

Three consultations meetings took place at the Secretariat Offices in Accra, Ghana on 18-25 February 2008.

  • The RAILS technical group consultation (18-19 Feb) was held for two days in order to elaborate a workprogram on how the information systems will be developed following the framework of RAILS.
  • The RAILS taskforce annual meeting (20-21 Feb) discussed the RAILS workprogram for 2008.

RAILS taskforce sub groups
The FARA communication strategy (22,23,25 Feb) reflected on the previous two consultations, as well as different needs of each of the networking support functions within the FARA Strategic plan.

The consultations involved the SROs information and communication experts who are the members of the RAILS taskforce, who in turn selected among its RAILS national learning team members. International service providers who submitted their bids to develop the information system also participated (i.e. CABI and Wageningen International) and other international service providers who are currently working with RAILS i.e. FAO, GFAR, CTA. The FARA communication strategy consultation involves the FARA NSF representatives, RAILS taskforce and learning teams and other interested partners.

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