Thursday, 27 March 2008

Agri-business and the African Venture Capital Association

The AVCA conference, Gabarone, Botswana 16-18/03 was a unique event for networking, sharing the experience of African private equity professionals and meeting global investors targeting Africa.
The 7th Annual AVCA Conference is the most important annual meeting for those involved in venture capital and private equity in Africa and for anyone interested in Africa’s private equity potential. This year’s event is the seventh in a series of highly successful events sindce AVCA’s inception in 2000.

The theme for the conference Africa Rising: Opportunities and Perspectives for Private Equity addressed the fundamental issues necessary for developing and maintaining sustained growth levels for this all-important asset class in Africa. Specifically, the agenda focused on increasing the appetite for private equity opportunities in Africa and encouraging home grown fund management capacity.

Session 4 discussed Agri-business and the Value Chain: (a) The importance of this market sector ; (b) Potential for high returns ; (c) Effective marketing
Participants: Mr. Duncan Vink, CEO United Farmers Fund ; Mr. Tom Adlam, CEO, African Agricultural Capital ; Mr. Rob Caselotti, CEO Country Food Holdings