Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Conference to advance Africa’s R&D

3-7 March 2008. FARA participates at the conference in Addis Ababa on science with Africa aimed to explore how Africa science-based entities could increase their collaboration with and participation in international science and R&D projects . Key themes will be agriculture, environment, water, transport, health, ICT and life Sciences.

The Science with Africa conference aims to create new synergies between European, US and other global science based organisations and those in Africa, where there is an ongoing need to strengthen and improve existing R&D activities, centres of excellence and partnerships.

Agriculture and Climate Change objectives of the Science with Africa conference:

As part of its business plan, ECA will assist its member States in enhancing regional food security through support for the creation of regional agricultural market information systems and databases. It will also undertake in-depth studies on strategic food and agricultural commodity chains with emphasis on regional integration aspects. The Commission will also focus on harnessing land and water resources to help trigger an African Green Revolution. Furthermore in order to promote the development of agribusiness, ECA will seek to develop methods and approaches that efficiently integrate research, market access and development of community agribusinesses. To that end, Science with Africa will:

  • Show scenarios and foresight studies in the field of agriculture in Africa;
  • Present recent developments in agricultural research;
  • Present existing research collaborations in the field of agriculture;
  • Explore the impacts of international farm and trade policies on agriculture in Africa;
  • Present technologies to address water scarcity and promote scientific collaboration in this field.
  • Help establish a framework to facilitate new collaboration.


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