Monday, 14 July 2008

Gender Equality Mainstreaming Validation Workshop

9th July. A validation workshop was held at FARA about the Gender Assessment exercise at the FARA secretariat. The general objective of the workshop was twofold:

  • To share findings of the Gender Assessment exercise at the FARA secretariat.
  • To validate findings and recommendations related to priorities for action in gender mainstreaming in FARA.
Within the context of the Gender Equality and African Regional Institution Project (GEARI) an inception mission was carried out from August 31th to September 12th 2007. The purpose of the inception mission was to initiate GEARI Project activities and also to establish the most appropriate participatory approaches and mechanisms for ensuring that benefits from the project’s activities are institutionalized and sustained in FARA.

The International Gender Team worked with FARA in setting up a Gender Working Group (GWG) and gathered - with the GWG - initial information about FARA’s structure, style, system, staff, policies, programs and internal and external communication to gain a clear understanding of its nature and scope in order to select the most appropriate approaches for gender mainstreaming in the institution according to the context and the reality of the organization.
Helene Lagace and Dzodzi Tsikata, gender consultants

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