Friday, 18 July 2008

Strengthen agricultural science, technology and innovation (ASTI) systems

15 – 17 July Wageningen – The Netherlands. FARA Participated in an Expert Consultation meeting- in which the CTA with ACP, EU and international partners build capacity to understand, analyze and strengthen agricultural science, technology and innovation (ASTI) systems.

This research project aims to build ACP capacity to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the local science, technology and innovation system in the agricultural sector. The results of the study should provide information on the nature of the system as well as alternative approaches that might be considered, with regard to complementary policies, programmes and support organizations that could contribute to strengthening the agricultural science, technology and innovation (ASTI) system, especially with regard to the sub-sector, commodity or products which are the focus of the analysis.

It should also provide one set of inputs into future policies governing agriculture and science, technology and innovation and should demonstrate to all stakeholders the need to focus science and technology developments on the agricultural sector and more specifically as they relate to agricultural trade, competitiveness and food security within the context of broader development goals.