Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Climate change and Africa

Focus on Africa and Network Africa reports
Climate change season on the BBC World Service

Africa is, on average, 0.5C warmer than it was a century ago, but the latest research suggests that some places are more than 3C warmer than just 20 years ago. Food production in countries in the Horn and the Sahel regions is always at the mercy of the climate and the rising temperatures are putting these arid areas in an even more precarious position.

There is plenty of agreement on the fact that global warming and greenhouse emissions are caused by the rich industrial nations - but Africa is bearing the brunt of the problem.

You can listen to a number of reports:

The over-exploitation of Sierra Leone's natural resources
Climate threat

Disappearing Lake Chad
Saving Lake Chad

In Senegal a violent storm 20 years ago meant some fishing villages had to relocate
A coastal idyll

Cape Town has become the country's first city to approve a strategy to tackle climate change.
Constructing an anti-emissions strategy

Simple ways of protecting Tanzania's greenery; from tree-planting initiatives to new and sustainable approaches to brick-making.
Making choices for trees

A project set up by The Greenbelt Movement that will see two million trees planted in the central highlands of Kenya
Carbon off-setting in practice

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