Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The spirits of FARA (last posting)

Dr. Monty JONES
"In academic and professional circles,
the top should be your limit"

Ralph von KAUFMANN
"No country has ever developed,
ahead of its universities"

Ama Kesewa OFORI
"Do every act of your life,
as if it were your last"

Christiana Arwema AYINE
"Wisdom is found,
in those who take advise"

Christabel ESSEL
"Don't insult the crocodile,
until you cross the water"

Dr. Adewale ADEKUNLE
"Poverty is terrible,
but a way out is possible"

Lillian EYISON
"Beyond the sky is the limit"

"Information is worthless
if it cannot catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship"

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